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Number of animals impacted by disasters cared for by HSI since 2017


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Percentage of climate-related disasters that account for all natural disasters in the past 20 years


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Percentage of recorded events in the past 20 years that were floods


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When disaster strikes around the world, HSI deploys teams of veterinarians and field responders to collaborate with local, regional, national and international organizations in providing rescue, relief and evacuation services for animals. We seek to reach animals before they succumb to injury, starvation or disease. In addition, we partner with local groups and governments to facilitate future disaster preparedness and planning that accommodates animals in affected communities.




Disaster facts:

  • The incidence and severity of natural disasters is increasing in many parts of the world, often impacting the most vulnerable populations.
  • HSI provides worldwide disaster services to animals affected by and stranded in earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, floods, wildfires and hazardous spills.
  • In many parts of the world, people are forced to leave their animals when evacuating, and the animals often succumb to starvation, dehydration, injury and disease.
  • Support is needed in many areas to increase capacity and public and government awareness of the importance of including all animals in disaster planning, response and recovery.
  • The need for services continues after the disaster to create long-term change that can avert or lessen the impact of future disasters.


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1. Have a good disaster plan prepared ahead of time.

2. Educate yourself about disaster preparedness for your animals.

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