Millions of dogs and cats around the world are suffering—lacking basic resources such as adequate shelter, nutritious food and veterinary care. Some even fall victim to inhumane methods of population control, including long-term sheltering and culling. In collaboration with local partners, HSI develops humane and sustainable programs to improve the welfare of dogs and cats globally.




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The issue

HSI offers humane and sustainable solutions to manage free-roaming dogs and cats and promote peaceful co-existence with humans in their communities. We help provide affordable and accessible veterinary care to dogs and cats, many who have never visited a veterinarian before.




Facts about dog and cat welfare:

  • Many street dogs and cats suffer from starvation, dehydration, exposure to the elements, injury and disease.
  • Culls are not the solution; humane and effective sterilization, vaccination and community engagement programs are the long-term solution.
  • Increase in population of roaming animals is both an animal welfare and public health and safety issue.
  • Governments and communities often lack the knowledge or resources to deal humanely with street animals; many still resort to poisoning, electrocution, and shooting.
  • The World Health Organization states, “There is no evidence that removal of dogs alone has ever had a significant impact on dog population densities or the spread of rabies.”
  • Humane solutions include mass sterilization, vaccination, community engagement and education, legislation and adoption programs.


Our work in action



Help dogs and cats across the globe

Pledge to help dogs and cats who live outdoors by offering or advocating for resources.

More you can do


1. Spay, neuter and vaccinate your pets and encourage others to do the same.



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