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Animals shouldn’t suffer and die to test cosmetics or their ingredients. All cosmetics should be cruelty-free, and I support an end to animal testing for cosmetics and to the sale of new cosmetics that have been tested on animals.

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Be Cruelty-Free is the leading global campaign to end animal testing for cosmetics. Join Humane Society International and our partners around the world as we fight to end cosmetics animal cruelty—forever.

Together, we achieved a great victory for animals by convincing Europe to become the world's largest cruelty-free cosmetics market. But in 8 out of 10 countries it's still legal to test beauty products and their ingredients on animals. Join HSI and help us convince the whole world to Be Cruelty-Free!



  • June 27, 2016

    China lab and Humane Society International collaborate to promote animal-free testing for cosmetics

    Humane Society International signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Guangzhou CHN-ALT Biotech Co. Ltd. to collaborate on a number of educational projects focused on cosmetic safety testing to promote modern, non-animal techniques in China.

  • June 3, 2016

    Australia to ban cosmetics animal testing and trade

    HSI and Humane Research Australia applauded Australia's Federal Government for pledging to ban cosmetics cruelty in Australia by July next year. #BeCrueltyFree campaigners welcomed the announcement that the Coalition will ban the testing of cosmetic ingredients on animals in Australia and the sale of cosmetic products and ingredients that have been tested on animals outside of Australia.

  • June 3, 2016


    Humane Research Australia とヒューメイン・ソサイエティー・インターナショナル(Humane Society International, HSI) (グローバル)の#BeCrueltyFreeキャンペーンの2年間のキャンペーンの後、連邦政府は本日、来年の7月までに化粧品の動物実験をオーストラリアで禁止することを宣言した。動物福祉のキャンペーン関係者は、連立政権が、オーストラリア国内の化粧品の原料の動物実験の実施とオーストラリア国外で動物実験が実施された化粧品とその原料の販売を禁止するという、保健補佐大臣のKey Wyattとラトローブ選挙区選出のJason Wood 議員の宣言を歓迎した。

  • May 20, 2016



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