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Through the course of time, few animals have been abhorred and demonised as much as rats and mice. These sentient, intelligent, intrepid little mammals live alongside us, thrive because of us, and survive in spite of our attempts to eradicate them.

One of the ways they are caught is on glue traps: barbaric devices that have been banned in some countries. HSI is working to get sale stopped in the UK as well. Please join our call to stop this horror.



  • December 16, 2015

    Major Wholesalers Withdraw Cruel Rodent Glue Traps Following HSI/UK’s Unstuck Campaign

    Wholesalers, professional pest control industry experts and the RSPCA got behind HSI/UK’s Unstuck campaign to ban the public sale of cruel rodent glue traps. Rats and mice experience prolonged suffering on glue traps, including suffocating as the super-strong adhesive clogs their mouth or nose.

  • October 13, 2015

    Rodent Glue Traps are Cruel and Should Be Banned, says new HSI/UK Celebrity-Backed Campaign

    Millions of rats and mice experience prolonged cruelty from glue traps, a widely used inhumane rodent control product, says animal welfare charity Humane Society International/UK. The organisation launched its #Unstuck campaign to highlight the cruelty of rodent glue traps and to call for a UK sale ban on the devices, which are already outlawed on animal welfare grounds in New Zealand and Ireland.

  • October 7, 2015

    Poll Results Support Campaign for UK Ban on Glue Traps

    A YouGov poll commissioned by HSI/UK that looked at public use of and attitudes to rodent glue traps reveal that mis-use of the traps is potentially breaking the law, and that the majority of people believe they should be banned.

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