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The international wildlife trade threatens the survival of many species and results in the inhumane treatment of billions of animals every year. Avoid contributing to the problem – Don’t Buy Wild.

Wildlife trade includes live animals (who may be sold as exotic pets or stock for game farms, or sent to biomedical research facilities or zoos) and their parts (which may be used in clothing, as ornamental objects, as food or as traditional medicine).Wildlife trade is linked to violence, drugs and organized crime. It harms wildlife populations. Methods used to capture animals for trade may be terribly cruel.

You have the power to save wildlife. Help encourage policy makers to improve and enforce laws and regulations in order to reduce or end this trade. And understand the impact of your consumption choices: Lack of demand is the best solution.

  • Hawksbill bracelets. HSI

Don't Buy Wild

Avoid participating unsuspectingly in the illegal wildlife trade, or contributing to animal suffering or environmental damage. Make compassionate purchasing decisions while traveling and at home with the help of our interactive Don't Buy Wild infographic guide and TankWatch app.

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