Iga Glazewska


Iga-GlazewskaIga is a lawyer with experience in academia, the private sector and non-governmental organizations. As a strong supporter of an interdisciplinary approach to animal advocacy, she studied philosophy and comparative psychology. As a country director for HSI, she is responsible for a wide range of programs focused on animal welfare in Poland. These programs include efforts to effectively implement anti-cruelty legislation, improve the welfare of farmed animals, encourage the shift towards a plant-based diet, promote human-wildlife coexistence, replace animal testing with animal-free approaches and stop trophy hunting. Glazewska holds a master’s degree in law from the University of Warsaw. In her master’s thesis, she examined the possibility and validity of non-human animal legal personhood. Currently, she is studying toward the world’s only advanced legal degree in animal law— a master’s degree in animal law at Lewis & Clark Law School.

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