Julie Janovsky


Julie-JanovskyJulie oversees HSI’s factory farming campaign and advocacy. Before joining HSI, she directed The Pew Charitable Trusts’ global campaign to end illegal fishing, which advocated for effective policy, technology, market and enforcement tools to address illegal fishing. Prior to joining that team, she managed Pew’s reforming industrial animal agriculture project. Julie’s career includes state, federal and international government affairs and campaign advocacy, with a focus on animal and environmental protection, and human trafficking. After serving as a responder for Hurricane Katrina, she spearheaded a multi-agency rescue of farm animals during the 2008 Midwest floods. In her early career, she worked on Capitol Hill, was a field researcher in Equatorial Guinea, and worked to promote joint ventures on environmental protection in Russia. Julie holds a master’s in liberal arts from the University of Pennsylvania, with a certificate in environmental science and bio-conservation.

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