Sylvie Kremerskothen Gleason


Sylvie-Kremerskothen-GleasonBefore joining HSI, Sylvie held a senior position at a foundation in Germany, where she was involved in most aspects of the foundation’s operations, including the development of fundraising concepts for minor and major donors, CSR-Strategies with key partners, event management and stakeholder engagement. Growing up in the countryside of North Rhine Westphalia next to her grandparents’ former farm, Sylvie developed a deep understanding of the challenges of agriculture and the protection and humane treatment of animals. She has a diverse background in communication, PR and marketing, and has worked for cultural events in Europe and major global companies. While living in the U.S., she rescued her dog Ella from a shelter in Minneapolis. Ella now lives with with Sylvie, her partner and their two daughters in Germany.

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