Troy Seidle



Troy Seidle leads a global team of experts who work with governments, companies, research funding bodies, scientists and public interest stakeholders to promote acceptance of modern, animal-free approaches to testing and research. With three decades’ experience in biomedical and toxicological science policy, he possesses an extensive knowledge of current and emerging testing and research methodologies and of legal and regulatory frameworks across many different countries and sectors. Seidle’s contributions to political negotiations led to an unprecedented 50% reduction in animal test requirements for pesticides and biocides in Europe, which earned HSI a LUSH Prize.

He is the chief architect behind the Animal-Free Safety Assessment (AFSA) Collaboration, a forum for stakeholder dialogue and cooperation toward a common vision of a not-so-distant future without animal testing. He has provided expert testimony to governments across the globe and served on numerous high-level policy committees, including the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the European Union and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Seidle started early as an animal advocate: At 18, he was the youngest person to serve on the Canadian Council on Animal Care and witness first-hand the plight of animals used in science.


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