Three-Day Animal Law Training Program to be held in Coimbatore

HSI/India and Humane Animal Society co-hosting the Animal Welfare Training

Humane Society International

  • Existing laws must be better enforced. Rahul Sehgal/HSI

Humane Society International/India in collaboration with Coimbatore-based animal welfare organization Humane Animal Society is conducting a three-day animal law training program to more than 30 animal welfare activists in the city.

The program is tailor-made for practicing animal welfare activists, and will equip them with a thorough understanding of animal welfare law and the Indian criminal justice system. India, despite having some of the best animal protection laws in the world, is still lacking severely in the way they are enforced. The hope is to create a pool of legally trained advocates who will champion thorough investigation of animal cruelty and animal abuse incidents as well as illegal wildlife trade issues.

Mini Vasudevan, Managing Trustee, HAS, said: “The suffering of animals due to abuse by humans is getting worse day by day. When one notices the atrocities towards fellow human beings and animals, it only reaffirms the desperate need for awakening social consciousness towards responsible action and abiding by the laws that protect us and the animal kingdom. We are honored to be part of this training program and look forward to spreading awareness about this important responsibility to all the authorities and groups concerned with caring for and protecting animals in our country.”

NG Jayasimha, Managing Director for HSI India, said: “HSI/India has been successfully conducting such programs across the country and is conducting this for the first time in Coimbatore. We hope that through this program, we will find and train activists who will champion animal protection through the engaging with the appropriate law enforcement agencies in instances of animal cruelty and abuse as well as illegal wildlife trade issues.”

The curriculum is being taught by highly experienced as well as eminent animal welfare activists. The course is scheduled to begin on 2nd February and will continue till 4th February 2018.

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