HSI launches anti-cruelty programs in Quintana Roo, Mexico

HSI signs agreements with state Biodiversity Institute and Environmental Attorney General

Humane Society International

  • Milan Klusacek/istock

CHETUMAL—Humane Society International, a leading animal welfare organization, signed agreements with the Biodiversity Institute and the Environmental Attorney General of Quintana Roo State in Mexico to set up anti-cruelty training programs and enhance capacity to respond to reports of animal cruelty.

Anton Aguilar, director of HSI/Mexico, said, “These agreements show that Quintana Roo State authorities are prioritizing the fight against animal cruelty. They build on a series of programs that we are developing to work with local authorities in Mexico, to create a culture of respect and care towards animals. We congratulate Mr. Alfredo Arellano Guillermo, minister of the environment; Mr. Miguel Ángel Nadal, environmental attorney general; and Ms. Elvira Carbajal, head of the Biodiversity Institute of Quintana Roo, for their commitment to animal care.”

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The first training events for government officials will take place next week, focusing on animal welfare legislation, animal behavior, and response to animal cruelty cases. HSI will supplement its training programs with a local animal welfare awareness campaign focused on the prevention of animal abuse.

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