J. Macêdo commits to sourcing exclusively cage-free eggs

Humane Society International

  • David Paul Morris

J. Macêdo, a Brazilian company that owns the pasta brands Petybon and Brandini, has committed to sourcing exclusively cage-free eggs throughout its supply chain by 2025. This policy follows discussions with Humane Society International and other animal protection organizations. The company’s announcement follows the recent commitment by Pastifício Primo, another pasta company, in partnership with HSI, to buy only cage-free eggs by 2022.

Fernanda Vieira, corporate policy and program manager for HSI Farm Animals in Brazil, stated: “We are thrilled with J. Macêdo’s cage-free eggs policy, which will improve animal welfare in its supply chain. It is a clear sign that the future of egg production in Brazil is cage-free and we are excited to work with other companies on similar policies.”

Support Farm Animals.

Egg-laying hens are typically confined for their whole lives in wire battery cages, so small that the hens cannot even fully stretch their wings. Both common sense and science agree that virtually immobilizing animals for their entire lives causes mental distress and significant physical pain.

Media contact: Raúl Arce-Contreras, rcontreras@humanesociety.org