Community program “Abhay Sankalp” treats more than 100 street dogs in sterilization and anti-rabies vaccination drive held in Jamnagar

Humane Society International / India

HSI Satish Patel (third from the right), Municipal Commissioner, was impressed by HSI/India’s spay neuter protocol and sought a proposal to start an animal birth control project in the city.

JAMNAGAR — Humane Society International/India, under its community driven program “Abhay Sankalp,” conducted its second two-week long sterilization and vaccination camp for street dogs in Gokul Nagar. The drive was supported by partner, MP Shah Family, and Municipal Commissioner Satish Patel. Residents and community volunteers from the Ayodhya Nagar, Ramnagar and Murlidhar societies participated in the camp.

Abhay Sankalp is a community-driven campaign to stabilize street dog populations and foster a positive long-term relationship between the dogs and local residents. HSI/India provided experienced vets, trained animal welfare officers, a surgery van with essential tools and medicines, and another van for transporting dogs for treatment.

Ninety-eight street dogs were successfully sterilized and vaccinated and then returned to their original location. In addition, five residents brought their pet dogs to the drive for care. The community engagement team is working to ensure that all of the treated street dogs are taken care of and fed by their communities.

Keren Nazareth, interim director for HSI/India’s companion animals program, says,” Jamnagar is the first city in India where the Abhay Sankalp campaign is leading community-based animal sterilization. This is a unique initiative which can only be taken forward with the full support of the municipal corporation and its people.”

Ramesh Bhai, a resident of Gokul Nagar, says, “We want to keep all dogs healthy in our society, and to do that, proper sterilization and vaccination is necessary. By participating in this camp, we aim to promote peaceful co-existence between humans and dogs and to make our society rabies free.”

Ashokbhai Shah of MP Shah Family states, “I’m glad that the joint efforts by MP Shah Family and HSI/India have connected so many people to issues related to dogs. It’s amazing to see residents helping the team catch dogs and making the camp their own by contributing in one way or the other. We urge the Jamnagar Municipal Corporation to begin a full-fledged sterilization program for a greater impact.”

Since its launch in October 2018, Abhay Sankalp has been working with neighborhoods across the city to understand their concerns regarding street dogs and facilitate a better understanding of rabies, dog behavior and other aspects of street dogs living in each neighborhood. Over 108 residential societies have signed up with Abhay Sankalp to promote harmonious coexistence between street dogs and people. The program also operates in Vadodara, Dehradun and Lucknow.


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