Board of Directors

Humane Society International


Susan Atherton
Kathleen Linehan (Buffy)
Brian Borg
Marcelo de Andrade
Marilia Duffles
Nicolas Ibarguen
Jennifer Laue
Steven White


Kitty Block, Chief Executive Officer
Jeffrey Flocken, President
Erin Frackleton, Chief Operating Officer
William Hall, Chief Financial Officer
Angela Ciccolo, Chief Legal Officer
Alison Corcoran, Chief Development and Marketing Officer
Marshall Taylor, Chief People Officer
Nicole Paquette, Chief U.S. Programs and Policy Officer
Sara Amundsen, Chief U.S. Government Relations Officer
Anna Frostic, Senior Vice President, Programs and Policy
Reva Bhatia, Assistant Treasurer
Carlo Carani, Secretary
Johanie Parra, Assistant Secretary
Alexandra Friedberg, Assistant Secretary

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