Momentum Builds to Shut Down Dog Meat Festival

Humane Society International

The annual event, organized by the city’s government, was originally intended for people emerging from the region’s brutal winter to enjoy as a public gathering of “walking for health,” but Chinese activists have taken advantage of the opportunity to publicize their causes. This year drew more than 100,000 people, representing 1,300 groups and NGOs from 16 countries.

Please, donate to help end the horrific dog meat trade and help animals worldwide.

Vshine Animal Protection Group, a local HSI partner organization, was represented by more than 1,000 supporters and dozens of dogs. They carried banners and handed out leaflets calling on Chinese authorities to shut down the internationally notorious Yulin Dog Meat Festival, set for June 21. In the evening, they held a candlelight vigil to draw further attention to the issue.

Vshine is working with HSI’s Companion Animals & Engagement department to encourage the Chinese government to end the Yulin Festival—which in the past has resulted in the slaughter, often openly in the streets, of thousands of live dogs —with the ultimate objective of turning Chinese public opinion against the dog meat trade.

More than 35 groups from 24 cities in China are participating in the campaign.

They are hopeful of success, as pressure from advocates and bad publicity have already persuaded authorities to cancel similar events elsewhere. Please donate to support our work.

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