Global Fur Farm Bans

Countries around the world where fur farming has been prohibited or restricted

Humane Society International

Which countries have prohibited or restricted fur farming?

For the latest updates, see the Fur Free Alliance website

 Country Legislation  Additional information
 Austria  Full Ban Came into effect in 2004
 Brazil  Area Ban (San Paolo) State of Sao Paolo introduced a fur farming ban in 2014 also an import ban in 2015
 Czech Republic  Full ban Agreed 2017. Effective 2019
 Croatia  Full Ban Introduced 2007 with 10 year phase out. Came into force 1 Jan 2017
 Belgium  Area Ban (potential for a full ban) Fox farming is banned in Wallonia and Brussels
 Bosnia & Herzegovina  Full Ban Effective 2018
 Denmark  Partial Ban 2009 ban on fox farming with phase-in until 2017 for most farms and 2023 for farms where fox farming is main income
 Germany  Phased out Effective 2022. Fur regulations were made stricter in 2017 with welfare requirements (to be implemented within 5 yrs) that effectively make fur farming unviable
 Hungary  Partial Ban Chinchilla and rabbit farming is still allowed
 India  Import Ban January 2017 adopted an import ban on mink, fox and chinchilla fur skins
 Japan  Phased out Not banned, but phased out; the last fur farm closed in November 2016
 Luxembourg  Potential Ban Effective 2019 if passed
 Netherlands  Full Ban 1995 banned fox farming; 1997 banned chinchilla farming; mink farming will be banned by 2024
 New Zealand  Phased out Prohibit the import of mink, which effectively bans mink farming
 Northern Ireland  Full Ban Full Ban in 2000
 Republic of Macedonia  Full Ban Full ban 2014 with 3-year phase-out
 Serbia  Full Ban Full Ban 2019
 Slovenia  Full Ban Full ban 2013, effective 1 Jan 2015
 Spain  Partial phase out Mink farming will be phased out
 Sweden  Partial Ban 1995 Sweden required that fox captivity must allow them to be active, dig and socialize with other foxes, effectively making fox farming economically unviable and the practice ended
 Switzerland  Phased out Farming of fur bearing animals is legally required to emulate zoo conditions, thus there are no fur farms in Switzerland
 United Kingdom  Full Ban Full Ban in 2000 effective from 2003
 USA  Area Ban (West Hollywood) In 2011, West Hollywood was the first city in the world to ban the sales of fur; the ban came into force in 2013

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