Humane Society International trains authorities in Mexico City, Yucatan and Aguascalientes on animal protection issues

National and international experts share knowledge and experience with officials; HSI visited three states to offer animal welfare workshops

Humane Society International / Mexico


MEXICO CITY—In recent days, a team of disaster and animal cruelty response experts from Humane Society International presented and hosted workshops covering animal welfare issues for federal and local authorities and nonprofit organizations from Mexico City, Tlaxcala, Pachuca, Estado de México, Yucatan and Aguascalientes.

The presentations were coordinated with officials in the three host states (Mexico City, Yucatan and Aguascalientes), and the participants include the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA), the National Civil Protection Coordination (CNPC), the Mexico City Environmental and Territorial Planning Attorney’s Office of Mexico City (PAOT), Animal Surveillance Brigade of Mexico City (BVA), State Attorney General of Justice, Animal Care Agency of Mexico City (AGATAN), Alcaldia BJ, the State Environmental Protection Attorney’s Office (PROESPA) in Aguascalientes, and the Merida City Council, among others. They had numerous participants from the emergency forces, authorities in charge of investigating and prosecuting cases of animal cruelty, as well as NGOs of four states.

As part of the disaster training, the HSI team from Mexico and Latin America took a fire response training given by the Aguascalientes State Fire Department, which will help develop protocols that include animals in different emergencies. “We are pleased with the interest of the officials in obtaining tools and skills to carry out their work in the best possible way, this series of trainings were possible thanks to the support and alliances that Humane Society International/Mexico has forged in these States,” said Felipe Márquez Muñoz, animal cruelty program manager at Humane Society International/Mexico.

Sofia Herra, companion animal and animal cruelty program manager for HSI/Latin America, Claudia Edwards, director of animal cruelty programs for HSI/Mexico, and Felipe Márquez were joined by colleagues from HSI’s global team for the training programs. Janette Reever, program manager of animal cruelty investigations and Adam Parascandola, vice president of HSI’s Animal Rescue Team, traveled from the U.S. to participate.  Parascandola, Edwards and Márquez were recently in Eastern Europe where they and the organization’s team in Europe provided assistance and aid to refugees from Ukraine who fled the war with their pets.  Together they covered topics such as aiding animals during and after disasters and community involvement with abandoned animals and animal welfare.

“Thanks to this joint effort between HSI and different authorities, the day-to-day work carried out by the entities in charge of rescuing and promoting the welfare of animals in Mexico City, Tlaxcala, Pachuca, Estado de México. Yucatán and Aguascalientes can be strengthened,” said Felipe Márquez.


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