Kelly O’Meara

Vice President, Companion Animals and Engagement

Humane Society International

Kelly O’Meara is Vice President of HSI’s Companion Animals and Engagement Department. She joined Humane Society International in 1999. She has oversight of companion animal related international projects, including HSI’s anti-dog meat and street dog campaigns. She leads the HSI anti-dog meat campaign and its focus and strategy on ending the trade in a number of Asian countries. She formulates humane and effective programs to address street dog population management issues throughout the globe. She also participates in leadership of our global disaster response and operations.

Ms. O’Meara holds a Bachelor of Science degree in natural resource studies and wildlife conservation from the University of Massachusetts. She has experience as a veterinary technician and has worked in local humane society animal shelters in the United States. She holds certificates from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) in Large Animal Euthanasia and from Bristol University, England, for Animal Welfare Officer Training. She has co-authored various HSI reports and HSUS publications, including Dogs on Abaco Island, the Bahamas: A Case Study and State of the Animals.

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