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Erin Van Voorhies Street dog in Maharashtra, India

Vadodara— Gujarati film actress Deeksha Joshi of “Sharata Lagu” fame launched an initiative by Humane Society International/India called “Abhay Sankalp,” a programme working with residential housing colonies to ensure peaceful coexistence between street dogs and people. Representatives of 52 resident welfare associations and societies from across Vadodara signed up to participate in the campaign.

Abhay Sankalp – Abhay Bano, Abhay Banao, is a campaign to work with neighbourhoods across the city to better understand their issues with street dogs and facilitate a better understanding of rabies, dog behaviour and other aspects of street dogs living in each neighbourhood. After signing up, the residential colonies also pledge to work with HSI/India to humanely manage street dogs in their areas and bring about more responsible pet ownership amongst its members.

HSI/India implements mass street dog sterilization and vaccination projects in Dehradun, Mussoorie, Nainital, Vadodara and Malappuram. It is launching this campaign in Dehradun, Jamnagar, Malappuram and Vadodara, as a pilot. The aim is to get 400 societies signed up and actively involved in humanely supporting the management of the dogs in the community within a period of six months.

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“Abhay Sankalp is the next step to peacefully co-existing with street dogs. Currently animal birth control projects only focus on the dogs, but no one is engaging the people around the dogs, which can result in conflicts between them. By law a street dog cannot be relocated or killed, therefore it is imperative to help communities understand dog behaviour, rabies and the importance of rabies vaccinations, how to avoid dog bites and very importantly, proper waste management,” says Rahul Sehgal, senior director for HSI Companion Animals & Engagement program.

“Animals never intend to harm us. Let’s try to respect their existence and provide them with the warmth and love they deserve. Let’s try to coexist in the best way possible with our furry friends!” emphasizes Deeksha Joshi.

“Abhay Sankalp is an immensely commendable initiative by HSI/India in Vadodara. I have had a very informative and enlightening exchange of information with the HSI team in the meeting recently organised in Sai Sarjan Society at Sun Pharma – Bhayli Road,” says Mr. Vijay Pathak, a resident of the Sun Crest Society.


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