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Mexico City—To mark World Spay Day, teams of volunteer veterinarians spayed and neutered 531 cats free of charge in Mexico City. The campaign was executed at local veterinary clinic Cemegatos with support from Humane Society International/Mexico. This is the first time the campaign surpases the 500 cats benchmark. The campaign ran Feb. 21 to Feb. 24 and involved 21 veterinarians and over 30 volunteers.

Dr. Claudia Edwards, DVM, HSI/Mexico programs director, said: “Spay-neutering is critical to address the street cats problem. People often misunderstand cats and have prejudices against them, but they are the most extraordinary pets. Cats need to be included in humane population control campaigns accessible to people without the means to pay for this service.”

World Spay Day reminds us of the power of affordable, accessible spay/neuter services to save the lives of companion animals, community (feral and stray) cats and street dogs who might otherwise be put down in shelters or killed on the street. Spay/neuter is also adviseable for pets to keep them healthy and to avoid unwanted offspring. Mexico has an acute street cat and dog problem, with an estimated 23 million free roaming cats and dogs.

Media contact: Magaly Garibay, (+52 55) 5211 8731, ext. 104,

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Humane Society International / Mexico

Aguascalientes, Mexico–More than 70 dogs are now on their way to better lives after their rescue from a case of neglect in Aguascalientes, Mexico, at the end of last month. The animals were living together in poor health and cramped conditions in the house of an elderly person.

The dogs were seized in an operation conducted by the Aguascalientes Environmental Attorney General Office, with support from Humane Society International/Mexico and local organization Amigos Pro-Animal. Rescuers took the animals to a temporary shelter to receive veterinary care, proper food and eventually to be adopted out. Local health authorities will monitor and provide health support to the elderly gentleman.

Felipe Márquez, manager of the HSI/Mexico program against animal cruelty, said: “Unfortunately, this is the kind of story we encounter rather frequently. Well-intentioned people try to help stray animals by picking them up, without considering the real implications of this action. Soon they find themselves in an unmanageable situation. However, thanks to the timely response and team work of APA, HSI and PROESPA, these dogs will have a second chance in life after all.”

Aguascalientes animal welfare legislation requires that animals have access to food and water, are provided with suitable and clean living conditions, receive basic health care and are not subject to abuse or ill treatment.


Media contact: Magaly Garibay, (+52 55) 5211 8731, ext. 104,

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Billions of farm animals suffer in factory farms globally, confined their whole lives to cages so small they can barely move. HSI works with governments, corporations, producers and institutions to enact reform, end intensive confinement farming and promote alternatives to inhumane farming practices.

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