RIU Hotels Group commits to a 100% cage free egg supply chain globally

Humane Society International is supporting RIU Hotels to reach animal welfare commitment by 2025

Humane Society International / Mexico


MEXICO CITY, Mexico—RIU Hotels Group, with 100 locations in over 20 countries, announced its commitment to implement a fully cage-free procurement policy for all types of eggs utilized by its hotels around the globe by the end of 2025.

The hotel group has been working with Humane Society International/Mexico since 2021 to begin this supply chain transition, supporting egg producers who have made the change to higher animal welfare systems and cage-free living for thousands of hens.

The cage-free systems provide the laying hens with space to walk and develop their natural behavior. In caged systems, the laying hens do have not enough space to walk, nest or perform other fundamental behaviors. RIU Hotels has been committed to sustainability and animal welfare initiatives throughout its global operations. This commitment represents an important step in fulfilling its path as a socially responsible company.

“Within the framework of our Animal Welfare Policy, we commit that 100% of the eggs consumed in all our hotels and in all our products come from cage-free birds by the end of 2025. We will not accept breeding systems combined. This transition will be gradual, and we will work hand in hand with expert organizations in the field, as well as local suppliers and producers to achieve it. We will publicly report our progress toward full compliance with this commitment on our website or other means annually, said RIU Hotels Group”

“HSI congratulates RIU Hotels for its commitment to farm animal welfare and for taking steps to implement better conditions for hundreds of thousands of laying hens worldwide. We commend RIU for taking action to ensure that this important commitment will be met and are excited to collaborate further in Mexico and beyond,” says Arianna Torres, corporate relations, and public policy manager at HSI/Mexico.

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