Humane Society International applauds Taco Holding, operator of Krispy Kreme, Carl’s Jr. Mexico for cage-free egg policy

Humane Society International

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Humane Society International  welcomes the announcement from major Mexican food company Taco Holding that it will transition to a cage-free egg supply chain by 2025. The new policy will improve the welfare standards for tens of thousands of egg laying hens throughout the company’s production line by replacing eggs from hens kept in battery cages to those from hens housed in higher welfare systems.

This policy follows discussions with HSI and other animal protection organizations. Taco Holding operates more than 550 restaurants in Mexico including the leading brands Krispy Kreme, Carl’s Jr., Taco Inn, Sbarro and El Farolito.

Sabina García, corporate policy and program director of HSI Farm Animals in Mexico, said: “We applaud Taco Holding for improving animal welfare in its supply chain by switching to exclusively cage-free eggs. Taco Holding is the latest major Mexican food company to move away from battery cages and their commitment further reinforces the leadership of the Mexican food industry on animal welfare issues in Latin America.”

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In its policy statement, Taco Holdings said: “Taco holding is convinced of the importance of promoting animal welfare and protection… This commitment requires the participation of business partners in our supply chain and main egg producers in Mexico…Taco Holding is convinced that, through these types of actions, we’ll be able to contribute to creating change towards a practice that has a positive impact on the environment and animal welfare.”

Battery cages are tiny wire enclosures used to confine egg-laying hens in industrial farming facilities. Despite progress on animal welfare made over the years by food companies, coupled with consumer demand to move away from battery cages, most industrial farms in Mexico still raise hens in such enclosures. Battery cages are inherently cruel – hens often spend their entire lives in these cages, and are unable to move freely or express important natural behaviors. Higher welfare commercial-scale cage-free production systems that provide hens with more space and freedom to express their natural behaviors are available in Mexico and throughout Latin America.

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