Troy Seidle

Vice President, Research and Toxicology

Humane Society International

Troy is Vice President, Research and Toxicology at Humane Society International.

In this role, he leads a HSI’s global team of campaigners, lobbyists and scientists working to end animal testing for cosmetics and replace other inhumane and obsolete uses of animals in laboratories with advanced non-animal approaches.

With more than two decades’ experience in biomedical and toxicological science policy and animal protection arenas, Troy possesses extensive specialist knowledge of current and emerging testing and research methodologies, legal and regulatory frameworks across numerous countries and sectors, and a drive to find innovative solutions to complex scientific and public policy challenges. His leading contributions to political negotiations leading to an unprecedented 50 percent reduction in animal test requirements for pesticides and biocides in Europe earned HSI the first-ever LUSH Prize for Lobbying in 2012. This work has since expanded globally in the pesticide, industrial chemical, vaccine and other product sectors.

Troy established and co-managed the EU research and innovation coordination project AXLR8, which organized a series of international workshops to understand how to “accelerate the transition to a toxicity pathway-based paradigm for chemical safety assessment through internationally coordinated research and technology development.” Today he co-leads the BioMed21 Collaboration, which is working with health research stakeholders across the globe to advance a modern, human-focused approach to the study, treatment and prevention of disease in place of failing animal models.

Troy has served on numerous high-level policy committees and expert groups at national and international levels, including those of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the European Union (CARACAL, ECHA, EFSA, EURL-ECVAM), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Health Canada, the New Zealand Ministry of Health, and others.

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