Webinar showcases achievable cage-free egg shift in Latin America

Humane Society International and Alianza Alimentaria hosted a webinar to guide companies towards their cage-free future.

Humane Society International / Mexico


MEXICO CITY—Humane Society International and Alianza Alimentaria held their “Successful Transition to a Cage-Free Egg Supply Chain” webinar which drew ian audience of 76 attendees from the hospitality and food industry. Experts in animal welfare and biosecurity, alongside industry leaders like Karismawhich has successfully transitioned to a 100% cage-free egg supply chainand producers such as Ovolab, Kaki, and Chak Hé, whose representatives shared best practices and success stories concerning the shift to a cage-free egg supply chain.  

The webinar focused on the challenges of transitioning to a cage-free supply chain, strategies for seamless implementation and management, the profound impact of transition on animal welfare and sustainability, and lessons gleaned from pioneering companies that have successfully embraced this shift. 

“Events like these are a clear example of Sustainable Development Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals, where diverse stakeholders have come together to exchange knowledge and experiences of objectives that we share.”, says Angelica Vega, food policy manager for Alianza Alimentaria y Acción Climática

Arianna Torres, senior program manager for corporate policy and farm animals at HSI/Mexico, says: “Across the world, trends in the hospitality and food industry sector indicate a clear trajectory towards a cage-free future for eggs. Our webinar encourages producers and companies in Latin America to set ambitious cage-free targets with the confidence that compassionate sourcing is a practical choice for consumers, corporations, producers and animals. Encouraging better treatment of animals in the supply chain is a shared responsibility and we will push for more companies to consider following suit.” 

Humane Society International’s work to improve the welfare of animals in agriculture is both science-based and collaborative. The organization works with companies, farmers, processors, scientists and certifiers to support a transition to cage-free housing systems, and offers a wide range of support to companies including farm visits, consumer education and corporate roundtables and workshops to enhance their supply chains. 


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