World Veterinary Day: new training empowers adoption of humane and innovative procedures for street dogs

Veterinarianss, animal organisations and government authorities trained in new geolocation tech and low-stress methods for street dogs

Humane Society International / India


INDIA—To celebrate World Veterinary Day, Humane Society International/India launches an innovative street dog spay and neuter training program to equip veterinary professionals, animal welfare organisations and relevant government agencies with essential skills to improve the well-being of dogs living on the streets. The initiative seeks to address critical challenges in caring for and managing street dogs by improving spay and neuter practices and aligning them with the Animal Welfare Board of India’s 2023 Animal Birth Control Rules.

The program will initially train two animal protection organisations—Jeevdaya Charitable Trust and Just Be Friendly—using a multifaceted curriculum including street dog survey methodologies, low-stress dog handling and catching techniques, GPS tagging procedures facilitated by a mobile application launched by Humane Society International/India, kennel management protocols, clinic protocols, and hands-on spay and neuter surgical training. By integrating newly trained professionals into city directories, the initiative aims to cultivate a network of veterinarians and animal welfare organiszations equipped to adopt humane and innovative techniques to care for dogs living on the streets.

“Veterinarians play a pivotal role in shaping the future of animal welfare, and we are thrilled to announce this groundbreaking program on World Veterinary Day,” said Dr. Sanjay Ahir, Senior Manager, Veterinary Training and Capacity Building Program at Humane Society International/India. “At its core, this initiative is about empowering veterinarians and organisations to become champions for street dog welfare and ultimately reduce conflict between street dogs and people. We hope to create a pool of next generation veterinarians and individuals who will further the movement of animal protection,” he added.

To join the veterinary capacity building program or to learn more about street dog management training opportunities, veterinarians, animal welfare organisations and government agencies can reach out to HSI/India via email at

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