HSI is fighting to reduce the suffering endured by the millions of farm animals in factory farms around the world.

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Stopping Factory Farming in India

The vast majority of commercial egg and meat products in India come from intensive confinement facilities that do not provide for many of the animals' most basic needs. Read about our efforts to raise awareness and empower advocates and everyday consumers to live more compassionate and sustainable lives.

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  • February 20, 2019

    Animal protection advocates slam new transportation laws

    Humane Society International/Canada is expressing its severe disappointment with the long-awaited amendments to the Health of Animals Regulations (Humane Transportation), published today in the Canada Gazette, Part II. The new animal transportation regulations fall far short of addressing the most serious risks to animal welfare, and will not fulfill their stated goal of ensuring that animals are treated humanely while transported between farms, slaughterhouses, auction markets and elsewhere.

  • February 20, 2019

    Les défenseurs de la protection des animaux dénoncent la nouvelle réglementation en matière de transport

    Humane Society International/Canada fait part de sa grande déception en ce qui concerne les modifications tant attendues au Règlement sur la santé des animaux (Transport sans cruauté), publiées aujourd’hui dans la partie II de la Gazette du Canada. Cette nouvelle réglementation en matière de transport des animaux ne se penche pas adéquatement sur les plus importants risques pour le bien-être des animaux et ne respecte pas son objectif de garantir le traitement sans cruauté des animaux lors du transport entre les fermes, abattoirs, marchés aux enchères et autres lieux.

  • December 20, 2018

    2018 brings us closer to a cage-free future globally

    From Latin America to Asia, 2018 brought enormous progress towards a global cage-free future for hens in egg production.

  • December 13, 2018

    At COP24, Humane Society International provides policy recommendations for moving towards plant-based diets

    At the United Nations’ global climate change conference, COP24, HSI co-hosted an official side event that brought together experts and policymakers to discuss policies to incentivise plant-based diets as a way to combat climate change.

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