Rabbits in cages

10s of million

Of animals die annually for their fur


Mink on a fur farm

8 months

Average life span of an animal intensively farmed for fur


1m x 70cm

Size of the cage housing a young fox for his entire life


The Issue

Fox on a fur farm
Oikeutta eläimille

Despite industry greenwashing claims, confining wild animals in small cages, or catching them in metal traps, can never be done humanely. Animals are intensively farmed to maximize profit, and so-called “monster” foxes are super-sized, often leading to terrible health problems, in order to produce larger pelts that fetch better prices. We’re working to end the terrible, and totally unnecessary, multi-million dollar fur trade by exposing the harsh reality of these cruel, industrial-scale farms and the brutal methods used to trap and kill animals in the wild.




Facts about fur:

  • Wild carnivores such as mink, foxes and raccoon dogs are incarcerated in small, wire floored cages on intensive fur factory farms for their entire short, miserable lives. Killing methods include gassing and anal electrocution.
  • These terrible conditions can create psychological disorders, causing the animals to constantly pace and circle the boundaries of their cramped space.
  • Housing in unnatural social groupings can lead to fighting between cage mates and even cannibalism.
  • Wild-roaming coyotes, wolves and foxes caught in brutal traps that clamp their leg or foot tight suffer terribly, too.
  • In their desperate struggle to break free, the animals can break their teeth or even gnaw off their own limbs.
  • Left for many hours or even days, they are unable to seek food, water or shelter, or protect themselves from predators, until the trapper’s bullet or boot puts them out of their misery.
  • The indiscriminate nature of the traps means they can also inflict pain and anguish on unintended victims such as pets and endangered mammals and birds.


Jo-Anne McArthur

Our work in action



Help make a fur-free Britain

Call on the UK to close its borders to the cruel, unnecessary, outdated fur trade

More you can do


1. Call to ban fur farming in Canada.



2. Help end commercial seal slaughter.



3. Never wear real animal fur. In doubt? Check out our ID guide.



4. Watch our video on how to tell real fur from fake fur.



5. Read an analysis of conditions on two Finnish fur farms.





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