Humane Society International trained enforcement officials to investigate animal cruelty in four Mexican states

Humane Society International / Mexico


MEXICO CITY—This month, experts in animal cruelty prevention and response from Humane Society International trained officials, veterinarians and non-profit organizations in Mexico City, Yucatán, Aguascalientes and Quintana Roo. The trainings included topics from shelter management to animal handling and forensic investigations of animal abuse.

The Mexican public is strongly against animal cruelty. According to Parametria, a national polling agency, 95% of Mexicans believe animal abusers should be punished. All Mexican states—except one—penalize animal cruelty in their state criminal codes and Mexico City recognizes animals as “sentient beings” in their constitution.

These trainings arose as part of an agreement with the Citizen Security Secretariat in Mexico City, as well as this year’s renewal of cooperation agreements with authorities in Quintana Roo and Aguascalientes and the preparation of a new agreement in Yucatan. In the context of cruelty cases that have raised the visibility of animal abuse nationwide, these trainings provided skills and tools to officials responsible for responding to cruelty complaints.

The Mexican Association of Forensic Veterinary Medicine, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the Mexico City Environment Attorney, the Mexico City Police, the Aguascalientes State Attorney for Environmental Protection, the Institute of Biodiversity of Quintana Roo, and the Merida City Council, among others, participated in the training. HSI/Mexico has agreements in place with most of these entities to support anti-cruelty efforts through trainings and assist with large scale animal abuse cases.

“Mexicans care deeply for their animals and we’re pleased to see enthusiasm from officials to gain new skills to investigate and intervene in instances of animal cruelty,” said Felipe Márquez Muñoz, program manager of animal cruelty for Humane Society International/Mexico.

Speakers in the trainings included local and international experts such as Grettel Delgadillo, deputy director for HSI/Latin America and program manager of wildlife at HSI/Latin America; Alba Michelle González, forensic veterinarian; Janette Reever, program manager of animal crimes investigations for HSI, and Shalimar Oliver, case manager for animal crimes for HSI. A total of 298 officials and people from NGOs were trained in this series; in addition, due to the demand and interests of other states of the Mexican Republic, one training was transmitted by the video conferencing channel of the Veterinary Faculty of Mexico´s Nacional Autonomous University reaching 780 replays.


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