The Animal Vigilance Brigade receives training on specialized first aid for dogs and cats

Humane Society International / Mexico

Claudia Edwards

MEXICO CITY—To provide tools to adequately respond to reports of animal abuse as well as in cases of emergencies and disasters, Humane Society International/Mexico conducted a training session for members of the Animal Vigilance Brigade within the collaboration agreement signed with the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City.

This activity was carried out jointly by Centro de Capacitación, Adiestramiento y Desarrollo en Emergencias and Humane Society International/Mexico, a leading international animal protection organization, on October 20 and 21.

Dr. Claudia Edwards, program director of HSI/Mexico, said: “Working together with diverse agencies allows us to strengthen the capacity to protect companion animals, who are a fundamental part of our lives. Activities such as this one improves the officers’ ability to respond in cases of mistreated and injured animals that they attend every day and thus they know how to act in the best possible way to safeguard them.”

The event was aimed at 24 members of the Animal Vigilance Brigade, who received national and international certifications from CECAD. The activity covered theoretical and practical topics such as the most common emergencies, how to perform CPR on dogs and cats, oxygen therapy, how to place splints and muzzles, and disaster response plans for animals and people, among others.

HSI makes various efforts to strengthen the culture of prevention and the capacity to respond to cases of cruelty to animals and emergencies and disasters involving animals. The organization has trained several elements of various agencies in cities such as Chetumal, Merida, Monterrey, Tlaxcala, Aguascalientes and Mexico City.


Media contact: Claudia Edwards, campaign director HSI/Mexico: ; 5513805569

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