Truck with 23 tonnes of emergency pet food and veterinary aid for desperate animals in Ukraine, arrives in Lviv

Humane Society International helps animals caught up in the war

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LVIV—A truck loaded with 23 tonnes of emergency pet food and supplies for the dogs and cats caught up in the war in Ukraine, has arrived safely in Lviv where it will be distributed to families, shelters and veterinary surgeries struggling to care for their animals during the conflict. The aid has been supplied by animal protection organization Humane Society International, and includes pet food, carriers, collars and leashes, kennels, and a wide range of essential veterinary supplies such as parasite treatment and disinfectant. Kyiv-based animal welfare organization, Uanimals, which has been helping animals in Ukraine since war broke out, met the truck in Lviv and will distribute the aid throughout the country to support animals in need and the people caring for them.

The transport left Trieste, Italy on 24th May, organized by HSI’s team in Italy in coordination with international shipping company Alfa Spedizioni Srl, which offered free brokerage services.

Martina Pluda, HSI/Europe’s director for Italy, said: “In recent months and weeks in Ukraine, thousands of families with pets, hundreds of shelters, veterinary clinics and rescue centres, have found it increasingly difficult to find food and provide care for their animals. We are pleased to be able to strengthen our support for UAnimals with this vital aid to sustain hundreds of dogs and cats in Ukraine, many of whom are in desperate need of food. This war has certainly shown how deep the relationship between people and animals is, to such an extent that many risk their lives to avoid leaving their animals. We hope this pet aid truck will bring hope and help to those caring for the animals of war.”

Olga Chevganiuk, cofounder of UAnimals, said: “UAnimals is extremely grateful for the constant support of Humane Society International which since the beginning of the war has enabled us to deliver animal supplies to the most dangerous areas of Ukraine, amongst other activities. Pet food and medicines will be distributed to many animal shelters and owners, particularly in the East: Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia. Thank you HSI for standing for every life!”

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Humane Society International has been active in helping people and their pets caught up in the conflict. In Italy, Germany, Romania and Poland, HSI is helping refugees arriving with their pets, working with local organizations to provide food, first aid and support. In addition, with the “Vets for Ukrainian Pets” programme, HSI offers free veterinary care in 38 European countries to pets fleeing Ukraine with their families. HSI is also urging airlines and bus companies to authorize pet-friendly passage for refugees travelling with animals to avoid pets being left behind at airports and train stations. Inside Ukraine, HSI has been working with UAnimals since early in the war to provide the organization with the funds it needs to help rescues, veterinary clinics and even zoos care for animals in Ukraine.

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